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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teree Sang Movie Review

Here i am writing about the today’s release movie Teree Sang.In this movie both the actor and actress are new but the topic of the Movie is Teenage.In this movie the Boy is of 17 years age and the girl is of 15 years age and the girl becomes Pregnant.So now let me tell some details about the movie.

The Story is roaming around a girl Maahi who is 15 years old and a boy Kabir who is 17 years old.Maahi, (Sheena) the only child of the ‘Puri’ family is a sweet & bubbly 15 year old Delhi girl. She belongs to a prosperous family and has the best of material comforts and education.While Kabir is a 17 year old typical teenager - aspiring, arrogantly negligent,clueless and rebellious,unreasonably demanding, loving yet not romantic suppressed yet self-assured.He comes from a family that’s at the lower end of society yet beautifully bonded.

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PoiSon_SupplY said...

Keep those reviews coming up!

Anonymous said...

The movie sounds interesting :)

ELVIA said...

do a 'my name is khan' film review! x.

Lila said...
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